VCU has a comprehensive portfolio of surveillance products, more commonly known as CCTV products. Our product portfolio covers both Analog and Network (IP) technologies.

The world is now awakening to the need from good quality surveillance solutions so that you have clear images when you need them, the onetime an untoward incident happens. VCU is focused on introducing the latest technology products in the market in line with the needs of the customers.

Other than the traditional Analog cameras and DVRs we also offer HD Analog cameras and DVRs with AHD technology to help you get the best quality video in your surveillance setup. We are also introducing IP Technology products that will allow you to build good solutions to cater to varying needs in different segments in retail.

Our special SPLEND IP Product series caters to the diverse needs of the industrial and government sectors where you need to ensure security under adverse conditions.

IP Camera

VCU has introduced 2 series of ONVIF compliant IP camera solutions :

  • SPLEND series products for projects where solutions have to be designed as per the needs of the environment and sector.
  • PRO Series products for retail needs where needs are defined and quality of outputs needs to be reliable and consistent.

Analog WDR

VCU continues to server the Analog market based on the need of the customer. We offer 2 variations in the analog products :

  • Traditional Analog cameras and DVRs which will give you 700 TVL picture quality
  • Analog with WDR feature which will enhance the image quality for the 700 TVL output

Analog HD

VCU has introduced AHD technology in the India market to facilitate the movement of traditional Analog to HD Analog in an incremental way.

Our AHD products work with the traditional analog products and network allowing you to build a solution that will make the move gradual if required.


VCU has introduced a range for NVRs that will cater to both the retail and project segments. NVRs that support 720P and 1080P in terms of video quality.

Box, 1.5U and 2U in terms of size and shape. Easy to use and integrate in the setup you want to make for your surveillance need.