India has made substantial progress in the last decade and wireless telecom connectivity is now available at most places urban or rural. We started with 2G, then moved to 3G and now awaiting 4G. Even though connectivity has been established the quality of the connection still remains a big issue. Single strength is limited in most parts of the country. Good connection strength for data still remains a dream for most Indians. While wireless connectivity is an issue, wired is no better. It takes substantial time and effort to get wired internet connectivity and it is exorbitant as well.


Our Technology

1 . VCUPACK has developed an innovative technology that enables bandwidth aggregation.
2 . Using existing infrastructure.
3 . Our technology runs efficiently on 2G, 3G or 4G connectivity.
4 . This breakthrough technology enables good quality connection evenfrom remotest places
      where you never thought video communicationwould be possible.