Who We are

VCUPACK is a pioneer in one of the world’s first innovative wireless Video Communication Products. We have tried and tested formula that can bridge the gap between traditional forms of communication and technology – making it truly user friendly.

We believe

We believe that video communications has an important role to play in every business be it large or small and our solutions involves a unique video encoder which aggregates bandwidth across 2G/3G/4G, LAN & Wi-Fi, media server along with a decoder technology built to make video communication better even at low and fluctuating bandwidth.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to work closely with our clients – who we view as our alliance – and add value to their business. We view our obstacles as challenges and are committed to offering innovative, cost-effective and reliable solutions that are empowering and tailored to today’s industry needs.

Our Mission

" Our mission is to deliver best-of-class wireless video
communications for a global marketplace which combines great technology,
our expertise innovation and creativity to provide high quality video at low bandwidth ".


VCU is the owner and provider of one of the world’s most unique Interactive Audio/Video Live Streaming hardware/software combination solutions for the masses at high quality at low bandwidth. Our product was built to cater to the infrastructure of Countries worldwide. The VCUPack has unique video encoder, media server, decoder and 2G/3G/4G/wifi and bandwidth aggregation technology with over 8 years of research and development from 7 countries made HD video communication better even at low and fluctuating bandwidth.

The second segment which we have started is basic CCTV surveillance system which has CCTV cameras, DVRs and NVRs with Analog, HD and IP technologies under our own brand name VCU. In todays world the need of security has gone so high that even a small business man also install CCTV security system. Being an Indian brand we have high expectation to hit the market very soon. Main aim behind building own brand was to have full control over every product we offer in the market.

Our objectives are ambitious yet achievable. Hunder of success in our management & technical team and the experience of our founders’ core competencies, we are certain to reach our targeted goals. We have served targeted population for more than 4 years now, consists of media houses, businesses, government bodies, law enforcement agencies & retail individuals. We are confident that we will grow into a globally recognized brand.

Our Business Strategy

Our Business strategy for our unique product which is Media unit and special NVR with Bandwidth aggregation technology is based mainly on making the right information available to the right target customer. We can't afford to sell people on our expensive products, because most don't have the budget. What we really do is make sure that those who have the budget and appreciate the product know that it exists, and know where to find it. The marketing team has to convey the sense of quality in every picture, every promotion, and every publication through.

Thou we know making a huge capital expenditure is very tough now a day so we even have many finance options available for our potential customers to take full advantage of our product and technology.

Our business strategy for second segment which is CCTV surveillance system is little dirrent then others in this competitive market. We do not invest our time and money to supply our product in each and every shop available in each corner of the city rather we aim to take projects of Builders, Hospitals, Universities, Academies, Offices, Societies, Town Ships etc. because we know there are thounds of brands available in the market with their own products but its very difficult to maintain the level of service and we are focused in giving Best service along with best industry products.


For our unique product we intend to undertake extensive advertising of our product and services through print (magazine etc) and internet portals. This is to instill awareness and knowledge of our existence in the marketplace, which shall convert into market share. Making sure that we advertise with the right frequency, theme, and media route, publicity routes, public relations, electronic promotion, viral marketing and word-of-mouth (buzz) marketing is critical for our exposure.

For our new segment we don’t aim to do it the usual way because there are lot of well existing brands available in the market with very aggressive advertising strategy and to crack that benchmark we will have to spend time and money to the fortune so its very simple that we focus on our business strategy and give best services which will anyway give us an upper hand compared to them.

The key success factors will include the following

1 . The proper execution of our market segmentation and Business Strategy.
2 . Industry best products and solution driven team.
3 . Innovative problem solving techniques along with custom made solutions.
4 . Strengthened customer growth and loyalty by giving best service.
5 . Identifying and leading initiatives from the front.
6 . Proper ethical practices, span of control and division of labor.
7 . Timely response to clients' request and good customer service.
8 . Properly utilizing of the core competencies of our management team and staff.
9 . Clear product & marketing positioning & Giving staff autonomy to make proper decisions.


1. Managed by highly experienced management team
Our Company was incorporated on 13/03/2013 by Mr Hardik Sanghvi, B.E. (Electronics & Communication), Mr. Kushal Sanghvi, M.B.A. They were later joined by Mr. Shripal Bafna, an M.B.A. from UK & Mr. Sanjay Vardhan, an eminent businessman. All of them have come together to form a well organized & highly professional organisation.

2. Advantage of bringing an innovative product in highly technology oriented Security & Broadcasting industry:
Our Company has developed a product which boasts unique video encoder, media server, decoder and 2G/3G/4G/wifi/Lan bandwidth aggregation technology with over 6 years of research and development 39 from 7 countries & has made HD video communication better even at low and fluctuating bandwidth. Our Company has this advantage of being the 1st to launch this innovative product in India.

Along with Innovative technology we even aim to stick to our basics also where we cater mass population for their basic sucirity need.

3. Establishing our company as a International player with presence in many countries:
Our Company plans to develop a marketing strategy so as to provide product demo to governmental and various other target Industries & other Customers in and out of India.

SWOT Analysis

-Innovative Product.
-Integrated Business Model.
-Experienced Management Team.
-Good exploration to market and its need.

- Innovative Product.
- Frequent Changes in Technology.
- No prediction or forecast of client requirements.
- Limited resources.

- Surveillance Industry is less penetrated.
- Rapid de-regulation in the telecom industry.
- Rise in the Expenditure on Security & Surveillance.
- Awarness & low enforcementin public for security need

-Piracies,violation of intellectual property rights pose a major threat to the Technology Industry.
-Any change or shift of focus of Government policies may adversely impact our business.